about us
first missionaries were sent to Japan by the "Marburger Mission" and
"Liberty Corner," in these 50 years the mutual work is know under
"Japanese Fellowship Deaconry Mission", several churches around the
country and also the "Karuizawa Fellowship Bible Camp" are established
1987 July
the Japanese Fellowship Deaconry Mission - evangelism teaching group
sold property in a high profile location in the center of Karuizawa, with these
funds the 7,260 square meters areal at the present location of the camp
were purchased, along with the property also came the main house and
two Japanese style houses, which are still in use today
1988 July
the main house is partly reconstructed and a chapel (200㎡)is built
1989 June
with the help of eight volunteer carpenters from Canada and the materials
from Italy the five log cabins were constructed

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